The Story

Have you ever wondered that the issues you face might have been different if you were born in a different year?

We often hear that young people are facing more mental health issues, they are more prone to depression which is not wrong as per the statistics. 

According to a 2018 Blue Shield overall health report, diagnoses of major depression have risen by 33% since 2013 with the rate rising even faster among Millenials, up to 47%.

Millennials face issues like loneliness, inferiority complex, feelings of despair, suicidal tendency, and much more.

“The rise of the smartphone and social media have at least something to do with it. The general pattern is that teens and young adults are spending less time face-to-face with others and more time on their screens.” 

As said by Jean Twenge, author of IGen, a book about the effects technology has on this generation.

Social media is one of the reasons that affect the mental health of this generation apart from the other problems they face.

But does that mean that elder people do not have mental issues at all?

That is not possible, right? It is just that they have issues that are different than the younger ones.

They are also prone to several problems that can harm their mental health to a large extent.

As seen, adults may have issues like feeling unfulfilled in life, feelings of boredom, emptiness, meaninglessness, impulsive. They can have dramatic changes in behavior.

They can feel unsatisfied with their lives and situations.

The common reasons behind these traits of adults are unsatisfying careers, financial problems, relationship crisis, etc.

And the major problem is that it is even harder for them to address it.

Have you ever asked your mother that if she is okay?

Or your father that is he doing okay?

You can have issues from the pressure of studies to break up or a complicated relationship.

But have you ever wondered what is it to have financial pressure and responsibility of the whole family and fear of failing at it?

Or the loneliness that a housewife can feel because of a lack of friends and personal space.

Seeing a psychiatrist or a counselor is still difficult for many people. Be it an old person, adult or teenager.

When some students were asked that are they okay with consulting a counselor?

They were skeptical about it. As they thought that it is a big step and they can solve their problems on their own.

This proves that still, Millenials are not comfortable with the idea of external help.

And in the case of adults, the scenario is even worse, a majority of them think that only crazy people need counselors and medicines for being mentally fit.

Due to recent incidents, people have become more aware of mental health,

but still, there is a lot to be done. We are aware of the mental health crisis, but somewhere we still do not understand the depth of this problem. It is much more than it seems. People around you may be facing these problems and you may have no idea about it.

It is our responsibility as a family member, friend, or even an acquaintance to be aware of situations of people surrounding us, and help them as much as we can.

It does not take much to ask people about how is their life going and have a conversation with them.

conversation with people you care about is much underrated and has become rare in the present scenario, but it really helps.

If you can help anybody in any way, then take a step forward. As we need to step up to defeat demons like depression for a better and healthy society.

People may have different problems, but the pain is the same. So be attentive and helpful as this is the need of the hour.